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My Beachbody journey starts WAYYYY before I was a coach. I started my first round of Insanity in 2011 in the middle of my dietetic internship because I was a member at Anytime Fitness & ANYTIME I went, the only thing open was the treadmill. Which is what I could do FOR FREE outside if I wanted. So sweating inside my house instead of in a gym would have to do.
It was hard. VERY hard. But I made it through all 60 days. Fast forward about 1 year to when I was back living at home after I completed my internship. I was super stressed with finding a job in this little town. So as always, I turned to fitness as my stress reliever. Insert Insanity  Round 2. This time it was a little easier (not much). Finished Round 2.
Fast forward another year later. Living in my new house. With no motivation to do anything. I would set a running schedule, and not follow it AT ALL. I completed T25 (very half-buttish if you want the truth). One a fellow coach reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in the coaching opportunity. I said no. No second thoughts about it. Later that week, he reached out to me again and I gave it a second thought. We were broke. Christopher couldn't work due to work injury. Living on one income for two people isn't easy when you're "trying" to eat healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, I listened to what he had to say.
It took my coach and his coach 3 hours to "convince" me to sign up. And truthfully, I thought I was going to quit the day before my second bag of Shakeology was scheduled to ship out.
And guess what? I didn't. And that has been my best decision to date (besides getting married of course). ;)
 These are pictures from my 2 free trips I've earned in my 8 months as a coach. In April 2015 Chris and I will be going to Cancun with our Beachbody people and I CANNOT wait!
Cozamel & Cayman Islands, Mexico- Trip #1

Las Vegas, Nevada- Tip #2


Success Club Trip #2 - Cancun, Mexico

This trip was more than just a free trip for Christopher and I. We used this trip as our Honeymoon that we weren't able to afford to go on. This trip was 100% paid for through Beachbody because we decided to help people. I mean can you get a little more blessed than that, i'm not quite sure. We had a FREAKIN blast! I loved every single minute of it and I can't wait to cruise to Jamaica/Haiti next year!
There are some things you'll never forget. And there are people you will never forget. And this trip proves that!


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