Wednesday, November 5, 2014

P90X Week 3 Review

This is pretty much my theme right now. I do my workouts every morning. I eat right MOST of the time. I am not perfect. I try to motivate and inspire other people, but some times i'm the one that needs a "pick me up." I'm SO glad I have a brand new challenge group starting Nov 10th. I REALLY need motivation and accountability right now!
With all that being said, week 3 of P90X is COMPLETE!
Only one more week stands between me and my 30 day mark!

Chest & Back - 480 calories burned & 32% from fat 

Plyometrics - 644 calories burned and 17% from fat 

Shoulders and Arms - 491 calories burned and 31% from fat 

Interval X +- 515 calories burned and 17% from fat 

 Legs & Back - 566 calories burned and 21% from fat
Friday also turned into date night with the hubs. Which means sushi. lots of it. & then went get frozen yogurt with his mom. TOTAL FAIL 

Kenpo X+ - 410 calories burned and 22% from fat
Saturday morning I did my Kenpo workout and then went straight to Southdown with my mom. We did eat Roly Poly after the show, which I only ate half of my wrap since it wasn't the best. Definitely could have been worse.
 Interval X+ - 523 calories burned and 16% from fat
yes, I NOW know that I did this twice in one week.
I picked this one on Sunday because Friday and Saturday were awful eating days for me so I needed something HARD to start me up again.

I have got to figure out how to conquer these darn weekends! they're killing me! lol
So excited that I finally got my free P90X2 shirt in the mail this week. I got it for completing the program! And of course you have to flex in a new shirt when you get it. DUH! You don't do that?! :p

until next time...

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