Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Food is our friend. Not our enemy.

Please. Read that statement.
And read it again.
And yet again.
Your body is made to TAKE food in and burn it off. Calories in equals calories out. I know you've heard it before. Do not expect anything that decreases your metabolic rate or decreases your appetite to work in the long run & be healthy for you. Food is healthy. No quick fixes.
With that being said, I REALLY wanted to explain to you guys a few of the sources of fuel and what they do for our body.
They are the fuel our bodies run off of. Carbs aren't stored in our body tissue. They are only stored in the blood and in the liver as glycogen, which essentially needs to be burned off. They are essential for high-level functioning like sprinting, heavy weight lifting, and total brain function. Upon eating, they are digested and put to use by your body very quickly. If you eat more than your body needs, they will be converted and stored into adipose tissue (aka fat).
Protein is called the body's building blocks. You need to ingest them to build up and repair the tissue that you break down daily! Proteins are hard to digest, therefore its important to have a small amount of protein at each meal throughout the day instead of bulk protein ingestion.
Fats help regulate all of your body functions. They contain 2 times the amount of calories compared with protein and carbs. Even though they are absolutely vital to our health, this is the one category people tend to over eat on. And eating too much fat, will result in unwanted fat tissue on your body. Fats are digested slowly in your body and will also help slow the digestion of anything else you eat. Fats are your backup fuel source!

Although it is not exactly a food source, but it does contain calories. Nearly 2 times the amount of calories that carbs and protein have. Wasted, empty calories. And this is something that we typically consume A LOT OF in one sitting without even noticing.
I hope this helps clear the air as to what the building blocks of food are & how important they are for your body. Refraining from any particular part of your "diet" will get you no where other than right back to where you started when you decide this diet plan isn't "for you."
Do it right. That's all I beg of you <3 

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