Monday, December 1, 2014

Insanity Max 30 Preview

The day has almost arrived!! I am ABSOLUTELY beyond ecstatic to place this order tomorrow! I haven't done any online shopping or Black Friday shopping for this exact reason. I CANNOT and WILL NOT pass up this program! Insanity: Max 30 will be my new favorite program without a shadow of a doubt. I am a cardio junkie. Everyone knows. P90X is giving me GREAT muscle strength and definition. Insanity didn't do much for me other than improve my cardio tremendously. But this one is going to CHANGE IT ALL!

Max 30 it totally different in the sense that it is a 100% improvement from Insanity. It not only has your cardio days, but it also has days that JUST focus on strength. The program is only 5 days a week, because that's ALL YOU'LL NEED! It's Tabata style training (HIIT training with 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off for 8 rounds). The focus of this program is NOT to make it all 30 minutes long, just cruising along at medium pace. It is intended for you to push AS HARD as you can for AS LONG AS you can until you need your first break that's not given. Once you need that break, you take it, record that time, and then jump back in taking as many breaks from that point on as you need. 

Anyone can do this program, however not everyone will. This program is for the person who is NOT lazy, who makes NO excuses when it comes to doing their workouts, who wants PEAK physical condition, and can step into this program saying "I want change." WHICH IS TOTALLY ME!!!

150 NEW moves
60 days
12 different workouts
Nutrition Guide & On the Go Eating Guide
Modifier at all times
Only 30 minutes a day

Do you have what it takes to be great?!

Are you ready to MAX out with me!!?!

It's going to be crazy. But I'm smiling because I LOVE it! :)

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