Thursday, July 30, 2015

Life as of now

boy boy boy. I have sucked at this blogging thing! Life has been crazy over here and the last thing I've thought about was typing about it! lol! Well now that I FINALLY have a minute to share, here it goes! <3

Since the last time I've posted, I had my trip to Nashville for Team Beachbody's Coach Summit. Man oh man. That was a hot mess! I drove with another coach and at 1 AM on the way up, we had a tire blowout which ruined parts of my car. But that's going to be all saved for another day's post!

The week after Nashville really SUCKED as far as workouts go. I was still lagging from all the poopy foods I pigged out on on the trip!
But Zues is always such a big help when it comes to motivating me every morning at 5 AM ;)

Saturday was actually our 1 year wedding anniversary. So there goes a health Saturday for us! haha! I also went to Courtney's little one's birthday party so lunch was thrown off too! Cause this girl can't pass up homemade Rotel Dip! Supper Chris's parents treated us  to Outback for supper!

And Sunday I have a few of my closest and most favorite people all in one place and guess what we did. Yepp.. we CIZE'd it up!  CIZE videos are going to be shared on a different post though ;)
Now as far as this week goes, it's going absolutely well! 
Week 5 of P90X2 is going down like a bat outta hell!

The fur babies defintitely helped me at 5 AM cause without them, I would definitely stay in bed. The second their hear my alarm, i get smacked in the face by Zeus. So with that, I have no choice but to get up!

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