Monday, July 13, 2015

Nutrition this week!

This week, my meal plan is SIMPLE. Only because I'm leaving for Nashville on Tuesday night! We will be in Nashville for Beachbody's annual convention Wednesday to Sunday!
I'm not exactly excited about the 9 hour drive between us and Nashville, but I'm determined to make sure that the convention is worth my drive!
I am going to make sure I soak in every bit of information that I can. Purchase all kinds of new workout gear and workouts and pre workouts and all the gooooddss!!! <3 oh and how could I forget, meet the trainers who help me push play EVERY SINGLE DAY.
So with all that being said, this is going to be my lunch Monday and Tuesday.

Morning snacks will be 2 greens (cucumbers) & 1 red (buffalo chicken meatballs).
PM snack will be 1 yellow & 1 red (P90X bar).
And supper will be Mexican Egg Scramble because it's simple! I love simple. 

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