Monday, July 13, 2015

This weekend was interesting. I thought I was going home on Friday afternoon to relax and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING all weekend long.  That idea quickly was stolen from me. The second I got home Chris told me to hurry and workout "if I wanted to get my workout done" because we were going watch our niece at her swimming invitational.   So Friday night was spent at a swimming pool cheering for our cutie pie

Saturday we woke up at  a decent time, and lounged around for the morning other than when I got my AM workout in (can't skip the best part of your day!) 
Then at 1:30ish, Chris told me we were going fishing. I SUCK at fishing, so I wasn't the most excited person in the world. Our neighbors have a small pond in front of their house, so we started there to get minnows and I actually caught 4! So I was pretty excited. Until we drove on the 4-wheeler for 30 minutes to get to "their spot" in the woods on this rickety ass bridge with bugs all over. NO, NOT COOL.


So, basically, they fished. I tanned. and sweated profusely. and was miserable. again, I will say it. I HATE FISHING (unless I'm on a boat with a cold drink in my hand--NOT in the darn woods)

Saturday night we ordered sushi for dinner and watched "The Lazarus Effect" like old people do. THAT'S what I call a good Saturday night.

And Sunday was a HOT mess! And by hot, I mean HOT. We were out at Ryli's swim meet from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM! But it was all worth it! Our sweet princess got 1st overall and I'm so glad we were there to cheer her on!


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