Thursday, October 16, 2014

Burn Booty Burn

So today was my first time attempting to make a video for you guys!  
So if this helps you make sure to comment and let me know! If it helps, I'll make a new video each week so we can werk werk ;)

Burn Booty Circuit
4 moves
10 reps each move
2 rounds


Lunge to backwards leg lift
 Make sure you keep your knee behind or even with your toe. DO NOT let your knee go beyond your toe!

Curtsey lunge with side leg raise
Lunge backwards at a diagonal angle. Make sure front knee DOES NOT go over your front toe! After lunge, raise knee up for a side crunch.

 Backwards lunge with front leg raise
 Start with feet together. Lunge backwards. Again, making sure the knee does not go over the toe. Bring lunging leg up for a front knee raise.

 Start in low squat position, with hand on one foot. Swing up to opposite side of body, reaching as high as possible.  Go back down to squat and repeat 10 times.

 Donkey kick pulses
 Stay in donkey kick position with leg in air. Pulse 10 times without dropping the knee to the ground.

Don't forget to let me know when you're done & what you think! :)

until next time.....

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