Thursday, October 9, 2014

Holy Arms

Today makes my 2nd to last week in my P90X2 series. I can't lie, this is intense. But it's exactly what I needed to get my rear back in gear! Some days I want to just say "Screw it. I'll do it tomorrow." But I haven't. I haven't missed one day. Sometimes I've even done extra workouts because I felt sad, annoyed, angry, too energetic, etc. Instead of an emotional eater, I guess you could called me an emotional work-outer. (not a super bad thing I suppose)
Today definitely wasn't as hard to get out of bed as yesterday was. I guess because we're one day closer to Friday! :)

 In a world full of darkness, you must be your own guiding light. Don't let other people bring you down. Start each day with a warm heart, a big smile, and an open mind and you will be successful beyond all measure.

Now about that workout. Man oh man! Today's workout was called P.A.P. (post active potentiation) Upper. All those big words mean is that there are concentrated movements followed by short bursts of movement, if that even makes sense to you guys! ha! 
As complicated as that sounds, I'll sum it up in one word. OUCHHHH! Definitely felt the burn today. The sequence goes: 4 moves each set and you do that set 4 times back to back! And there's two different rounds!!   
 forearm plank with feet on medicine ball (killer shoulder work)
weighted superman hold (sorry it cut my weights out) (killer lower back work)
Those are two of the concentrated muscle moves!
These are two of the explosive moves!
The first one is a weighted crunch. I moved up in the world! Last time I had a 6# medicine ball. This morning I used a 10# dumbbell. WHHHATT! :)
The second one is a push up row complex. UGH. Anything with pushups I suck at. I'm getting a little better with time but my arms suck!
And of course I have to give all the shout out to my cute babies for annoying me, licking me constantly, tripping me, gnawing on me, and of cuddling with me anytime I had to get on the ground.
Until next time..

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