Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 1 of P90X

Week one of P90X is finally overrr! I say finally in a good way. I can finally move on to week 2. Which is the same as week one for the most part with a few arm workout swaps. But that's okay! I'm REALLY liking the way my body is changing and reacting to this new program!  It's so different than any other program that I've done. Most of the workouts are at a slower pace than I'm accustomed to and I couldn't be happier. It was time for a change and this is definitely a change!
I love the fact that I can use the P90X app to track the number of reps I do for each move & the amount of weight I used. That helps me know the next time I do that particular routine, I at least have to match that or do better. So I'm continually pushing myself and trying to beat myself!
Day 1 was Chest and Back for me. I didn't take a picture with my sign because I hadn't had the idea for it yet :/ . However, I did take my day 1 photos so that I can compare them when I complete it! But I don't want to share those just yet! ;)
Day 2- Cardio X
Burned 496 Calories with 23% calories from fat burned

Day 3- Shoulders & Arms
Burned 549 calories with 27% calories from fat burned 

Day 4- Plyometrics
Burned 675 calories with 14% calories from fat burned

Day 5- Legs & Back
Burned 649 calories with 17% calories from fat burned

Day 6- Kenpo
Burned 591 Calories with 18% calories from fat burned

Day 7 - Core Synergistics
Burned 487 calories with 27% calories from fat burned


I completed my meal plan for week 2 yesterday and will be posting it soon! Just have to make a few tweaks to it before I share! ;)
until next time....

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