Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Phone = More Pictures :)

So yesterday I spent nearly 3 hours at AT&T trying to upgrade to the iPhone 6 that I've been waiting for! I went in not expecting the store to have any. And guess what, they didn't! BUTT they check the surrounding areas, and out of the three stores in my area, they had 1 in the mall. After multiple attempts to call the mall, the AT&T lady FINALLY got in touch with someone at the mall and they said they would hold it for me if I got there QUICKLY. So guess what I did? Got there quicker than quick.
I didn't initially want the huge 128GB phone, but it was all that was available to me. And I presume that I won't be upset that I got it. I will hopefully NEVER see the error when I try to take pictures again because with my old phone I was to the point where I had to delete a whole bunch of stuff to just take one picture. Which was beyond annoying.
So after what felt like every darn obstacle that could come with upgrading, I FINALLY got my phone and walked out the store 3 hours later.
Is it super amazing? Not really. It's bigger, faster, and actually works. So it's way better than what I had. My old phone worked when it wanted to, which was super frustrating. So the three hour wait was totally worth it!!

First official iPhone 6 selfie ;)
until next time

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