Thursday, October 30, 2014

P90X Week 2

It's DONE!!!
Week 2 is over! The hardest part is over! The beginning. I can officially say the beginning is over! Now it's time to get into the meat of the program! ;)

Week two went a little something like this....
Back & Biceps
462 calories burned 30% calories from fat
& I had a workout partner that day.
and we didn't die.
it's a miracle ;)
639 calories burned   15% calories from fat
as you can tell I look like a hot messs
plyometrics is NO joke 
Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps
461 calories burned   26% calories from fat

Enter day 11
This was one of the hardest workout days for me this week. I had a migraine all day at work and when I came home, the LAST thing I wanted to do was workout. I tried to lay in bed and take a nap but that didn't happen thanks to this guy
so I got my butt out of bed, took my E&E and rocked my Legs & Back workout. I even had a personal cheerleader while I was doing squats. ;)

Then enter the dreaded WEEKEND.
Morning workout went SUPERB!
Cardio X   377 calories burned     25% calories from fat
Weekends are usually pretty boring for me. But Chris's mom invited me to eat with the grandchild to celebrate their good grades, so how can I say no! Raising Cane's it was. They even won some extra money from the games that came with their kiddy meal. (we make a competition out of everything down here ;) ) 

Saturday morning was phenomenal as well. I even got these cuties to take an amazing picture with me!
Until we went to the Craft Show with. I did eat a wrap instead of fried food, which is good.... i guess. BUT Cotton Candy Dip N Dots did make it's way into my mouth. And I MUST say, they were AMAZING! We had such a good time at the show. I wouldn't trade my time with these cuties for the world!
Day 14
2 weeks DONE!
Core Synergistics
One of my favorite of the workouts!
523 calories burned    25% calories from fat

2 weeks into this program and I'm feeling more confident than ever.
This could be a winner y'all.
until next time....

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