Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Furry Friends in P90X

Today was my first attempt at tackling a P90X workout. I've been intimidated for way too long and it was finally time for me to suck it up and try it out!
I decided to do Core Synergistics and guess what? I ABOSULTELY FRECKIN LOVED it!!! I can already tell I will be sore tomorrow and not much gets me sore! Aside from the horrible clothing choices they make  (haha), the workout moves itself are incredible!
There were some moves that I couldn't do like the Plank to Chaturanga Run, but I'm not sure that someone in their right mind should be able to do that one! lol!
This was the Dreya Roll & Table Dip Leg Raises

And of course Rex wants to sniff my hair and lick the sweat after I finish. I can never get away from this little monster. <3
Until next time...

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