Friday, October 10, 2014

Legs, Legs. We LOVE Legs.

Good Morning!
5:30 AM came so fast this morning. Even though I was completely passed out by 9 last night (yupp, I'm an old fart). I was completely zombied out after getting up to turn my alarm off. But as soon as I saw which workout I had, I started to perk up a little. Unlike 90% of America, I absolutely LOVEEE leg day. I guess it's because I'm actually good at it, unlike anything to do with arms. And I have big legs that need to get skinnier, soooo yeah. You catch my drift.
Sometimes I don't get why people grunt so loud at the gym. I kick my own butt every morning in my home gym and I have NEVER had the urge to grunt or scream. I say ouch and curse sometimes but it's not that hard to just keep it to yourself. You don't lift extra by grunting. It doesn't make you stronger or look any cuter. RANT OVER.
Wall sits are hard enough. Let me tell you, these suck more than life itself. However, I am SUPER surprised to see that my lifted legs actually get parallel to  the other one. When I'm doing the move, I feel like they're so low! lol! Maybe it's because they're freaking shaking so darn much!
See for yourself ;)

Also had to do calf raises today. 3 sets of 25 raises. 15 slow followed by 10 fast! Each set comes with a different angling of foot placement to reach each part of your calf muscle. Last time I had legs I used 8# dumbbells. Bumped that up to 15#s today! And I definitely felt the burn!!   

All Rex could do was sit and stare at me today. Going all leg crazy and he just lays there and watches. Sounds a lot like Christopher. No matter how much I workout, Christopher is NEVER inspired. Not even an ounce. Butthole.

I made this picture super huge because lately I've had quite a few people question my "home workouts" and tell me that there's no way they work as well as a gym. I don't know about you, but I don't remember the last time I burned that many calories in a on hour workout in the gym. Now grated I haven't been in years, but when I went no matter how hard I tried, I never got anything completed. I'm not a gym person. Never was. Tried to be. But couldn't do it. this is what I like, getting my workouts in at home, in piece and quite (minus the dogs), and still get a freakin huge calorie burn! 

They don't exactly like my cool down. ;)
Until next time.....

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