Friday, February 26, 2016

Cupid's Arrow 5K

Oh you know. Just another 5K under my belt. 
No Biggie. 

In all honesty, running has been so FAR off my radar, that this is actually a HUGE deal. 

Since I've been done with soccer and had to run SO much back then, running isn't something I love any more. It's more of a chore and task than anything. I know it's something that my body can benefit from every now and then, but it's not something that I can wake up and want to do. 

That's now how I used to be. I used to live and breath running. Because that's honestly all I knew with soccer. However, with growing to like weight lifting and HIIT training, running has taken it's toll on the back burner in my life, lately.

BUT, not any more. These AMAZING Virtal Pace Series that I have signed up for are keeping me motivated to run at least 2 5-10K's per month! Which gives me time to "want" to run again and not have it forced and shoved down my throat! 

So if you are looking for some type of running motivation, these virtual pace series are the way to go!

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