Thursday, February 11, 2016


The runner inside that I swear I had retired.

I signed up to run a race called the Savage Race in April! And guess what, I'm terrified. I've been doing my Hammer and Chisel workouts to help gain my strength, but the running part I've definitely put on the back burner. And last time that happened, I couldn't walk for days after a freggin' 5K. Much less 5-7 miles of running AND hard obstacles. 

So, I've decided to lace up my running shoes again and just RUN!
I've signed up for 3 different virtual races to help keep me accountable to my running (Aka, so I'm not just talking the talk).

One is called the Leap Year Dare. That is the current one I'm participating in! 
It's a 2K, 4K, 6K, 8K, & 10K all in the month of February 😳
Talk about putting some miles on my shoes right off the bat! 

So currently my 2K & 4K are completed in that series. This week I'll go run my 6K. 
I've pushed it off for a little because it's been SO cold and WINDY that running in that is NOT something I push myself to do! lol!

It's like mother nature just wants to hurt my lungs or something. It's NEVER cold in Louisiana and of course the week I decide to signup for a virtual race series, she throws the cold, cold wind in my face! 

But no excuses over here! All is good & it will get complete! I refuse to look like a fool at the Savage race for my running skills. 

Pull ups, monkey bars, and climbing. Now that's a different story :p


6K and 8K are both completed. 

The day I ran my 6K was PURE TORTURE. It was so flippin' wind, I wasn't sure I was even going to be able to push through. 

But somehow I did & I made it. 
If you're a runner, you know the torture it is to run against the wind most of your run!

And I must say.
This 8K seriously kicked my ass! My calves were sore for 4 days after. But thankfully, my running belt came in so that I no longer have to hold my huge iPhone 6S+. 

I know this sounds SO first world problem, but my dang shoulder would hurt from holding and running with that big thing! Ha! 

So that $12 belt was the best thing I could have ever invested in. No matter if it makes me look like a dweeb or not ;)

10K will be completed in the next few days! So stay tuned for the final go round! <3

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