Monday, September 14, 2015

101 Tips to a Successful Life - Part 1

While scrolling through Pintrest today, I came across a article by with 101 fitness tips that rocked. I loved the tips, but I definitely saw more to them than what she had written with each tip. So I decided to relay this information to you, in true Allison-ism! :)

1. Move your body everyday of the week. 

Not JUST in an exercise-type of way! Every type of movement! Get up & away from your desk at least 5 times in one day.  You won't get the booty you always wanted by sitting on the one you've currently got!

    2. Give up soda & Juice with lots of sugar or High Fructose Corn Syrup 
     Seriously. Just don't drink your calories. Save all the yummy calories for your food! Drink water with lemon, cucumber, etc infused in! An extra 200 calories in that soft drink, won't help you with your weight loss goals, now will it?

    3. Keep a food journal on paper, online, or with an app.

    Tracking what you're putting into your body not only helps keep you accountable, but it also helps you visually SEE what you are putting into your body instead of trying to remember off the top of your head. 
    Studies show that people who keep food journals are more successful at losing than those who didn't. 

    4.  Thoughts are powerful. Pay attention to yours.

    They are there with you for a reason. Whether they make actual sense right now or not, doesn't matter. Every thought you have means something. Don't dismiss something because it seems too far fetched.

    5. Eat foods that are closest to their natural state as possible

    The more processed the food, the worse it is for you, obviously. The more ingredients on the label, the more processed it is, the worse the food is for you. Getting the trend now? Eat WHOLE foods as much as possible. Cook things from scratch. The less pre-packaged foods you consume and feed your family, the better your health.

    6. Use the story of who you want to be as your vision statement to motivate you. 

    You are creating your story each and every day. Where do you want to be in 30 days? In 2 years? Envision that "perfect" replica of your future self, and use that as your driving force each and every day. 

    7. Eat alkaline-promoting foods.

    "Research suggests that eating too many acidic foods can damage our lungs & kidneys. Balance out the acidity with foods that promote an alkaline body environment such as --> broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, leafy greens, garlic, cayenne pepper, lemons & limes.

    8. Add protein into Smoothies.

    Getting enough protein is VITAL to your body's muscle growth. I mean protein isn't called the building blocks for no good reason, right! When you are lacking in the protein department, a good way to add some more quick protein in is through a scoop of protein into your shake!! I use Body Beast Base Shake! Before you buy, make sure it's a GOOD source of protein and not just some mumble jumble Walmart puts out!

    9. Find a form/style of exercise you enjoy.

    Odds are, if you HATE running, then you're 100% less likely to get up at the butt crack of dawn to go run. And even if you're SUPER amazing and get up, you will be absolutely miserable the whole run. And same goes with heading to the gym. If you DESPISE the gym, your whole workout routine could be compromised because of your attitude. 

    So no matter what type of workout you enjoy, find it, & stick with it! Everyone is different & the type of workouts you enjoy can change! Just do something that makes you happy!

    10. Reduce the amount of processed & packaged foods you consume.

    Did you know that the more ingredients listed on the package, the further from it's natural state that product is. And if you can't read the ingredients, that's another sign it's created from an unnatural state!
    So in laymen's terms--the less ingredients, the better!

    11. Add some muscle building activities to your weekly workout routine.

    Women, you WON'T get buff and huge from picking up a weight. Seriously. Throw that myth down the drain! Picking up weights can actually decrease your body fat perfect, increase your metabolism, help you ROCK that little black dress by giving you some curves and muscle definition, increase your energy, and decrease your risk for some serious health conditions.

    12. Keep in mind that striving for perfection usually leads to disaster.

    This is a tip that hones in on MY life. I am a sincere perfectionist. I am hard on myself. I am slowly in the process of learning to accept what is and realize that everything WILL happen with it's supposed to be, no matter how much I want it done RIGHT NOW.
    Perfection does NOT exist. There is no such thing. Nadda. None. STOP TRYING FOR IT.
    Set small goals & stair step your way to success. Small, consistent goals are better than huge, unachievable ones.

    13. Don't DIET. Reverse the letters  in that word and EDIT what you eat.

    This is your life you should be thinking about. Not those 50 pounds you need to lose. Yes, you may need to lose those pounds, but what will you GAIN from them being gone? Will you be able to finally run around with your son at the park? Will you be able to run that marathon, you couldn't before?
    Your diet isn't your life for a short period of time. This is a FOREVER thing. So if you cannot see yourself doing this for the rest of your life, DON'T DO IT. All you will be doing is messing up your insides!

    14. Take 1 day a week for active recovery.

    Active recovery is essential to your body's health and recovery (hence the name). You need at least 1 day of each week to do a "less intense" workout routine so that your body has time to pick up the pieces you've put it into during the rest of your weekly workouts!
    Am I saying skip a workout. NOPE! Recovery workouts are more geared towards low impact, slower moving such as yoga, Pilates, walking, etc. So keep with your routine, just tone it down a notch one day a week!

    15. Select healthier choices to have on standby in your house.

    When we're on the go as much as most people are these days, standby snacks are a MUST. But if you don't have any snacks with you at all, you're best options are going to come from a gas station convenience store. Which in fact, I'm 99% sure you're going to walk out with candy VS a juicy red apple. It's just the way the cookie crumbles & I get it. I'm the same way.
    But chances are that if I have an apple in my car with me & I don't have to stop at the gas station, the candy will never make it's way into my life.

    16. Follow the 80/20 Rule.

    80% of the time, you eat healthy. 20% of the time you eat whatever the heck your heart desires! Seriously, I can't stress enough about how this is a LIFESTYLE. It's not a temporary fix. Don't deprive yourself of any particular food. When you do that, you're setting yourself up for failure and the guilt that comes with "cheating." Nope, don't do it!

    17.  Shop the outskirts of the grocery store.

    Think about the layout of your grocery store. Where is the meat section? Where are the fruits located at? And the fresh veggies? If your store is like most stores, they're all probably located on the outside ring of the grocery store! I know you're going to need stuff in the middle. I'm not stupid. But try to stay on the outsides for majority of your shopping. This will ensure that you have a little as possible processed foods that magically show up in your basket!

    18. Weight yourself -- but DON'T be dependent on what the scale says.

    The whole process of "losing weight" must use the scale. I know this. I'm not oblivious to that fact. Along with the fact that losing inches or body fat. Everything has to have a number attached to it in order for you to "feel" success. But just don't rely on those numbers. Take a step back from the number side of weight loss and FEEL how different you are now that you've lost 10 pounds. 20 pounds. 30 pounds. What does it FEEL like.
    Don't be a slave to numbers!

    19. Get an accountability partner for exercise & weight loss support.

    Let's get the written facts down first. Having a workout partner can: facilitate a more consistent, regimented and disciplined workout schedule; motivate you to work out more often; push you to work out harder. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty. If you have someone waiting for you to workout, are you really NOT going to feel bad if you stand them up VS if you were alone and you skipped on only yourself. My point has been proven. Get a partner. NOW.
    No judging on my 4 legged partners.

    20. Create a fail safe environment.

    When you have a goal, a dream, something you're looking to achieve, having a supportive environment is CRUCIAL. Whether it's weight loss, a business goal, a personal goal, or whatever, your whole support system needs to be there for you. They need to be there to push you when you can't push yourself. Tell your family & friends what exactly you want & by when. The goals you set with yourself, share the basics of it with them. They don't need to have ALL the details, but just enough so that they can help keep you on track!

    21.Workout in the morning.

    Set that dreaded alarm. You'll hate me when you wake up and actually have to get out of bed. But once you're up, moving, and 2 minutes into your workout, it'll feel AMAZING. and guess what, it'll be OVER.

    22. Display your results.

    Pounds. Inches. Pictures. IT DOESN'T MATTER. Be proud of what you've accomplished! When you need an extra push, take a look at that. Look at how far you've come already. I promise, it'll motivate the heck outta you!

    23. Schedule your exercise like an appointment with your boss. 

    ..... that you CANNOT miss. Let me repeat for you. that you CANNOT miss. You would never cancel on your boss unless you're dying (or at least I hope that's how your office runs). 

    24. Make a list of positive affirmations that will work for you.

     - I CAN do it.
    - I WILL do it. 
    - I love to exercise.
    - I love to run every morning.
    - I deserve to live a healthy, happy life.
    - I am strong.
    - I deserve to live another day without negativity.

    Read them. Memorize them. LIVE by them!

    25. Think 2 pounds at a time. 

    Because really, when you break it down, it's only 1-2 pounds at a time. Even if you have a 100 pound weight loss goal. You have to do it piece by piece. You won't lose them all over night. Set yourself up for success. Small, steady goals. Remember that.

    26. Eat smaller portions.

    This is easier said than done. Now a days, people think that they can get away with eye-balling their food portions. Or if they don't go back for seconds, they've eaten a healthy meal. Well yes, that is a good thing, but how much protein to carb to fruit to fat ratio did you have on that plate. Did you have a full plate of rice & beans, with a side of cornbread. AKA -- CARB OVERLOAD.
    The 21 Day Fix portion container system has literally changed my life. These bad boys have showed me that eye-balling and guestimating just dont work & that I need a certain ratio of foods to fuel my body properly. The things I was doing all wrong even as a registered dietitian! Yikes!

    27. Equip yourself  with healthy products to support your healthy lifestyle.

    This is me telling you to GET NEW GEAR. New shoes. New workout clothes. New weights. New floor mats. Set yourself up for success. If you're excited to look cute for your workout, it'll be better for your ego. And we all know that us girl gotta match 99% of the time. I'm not telling you to go out and spend your life savings, but get some cute things to start and build up from there!

    28. Eat slowly.

    Did you know that a growing number of studies confirm that just by eating slower, you’ll consume fewer calories. Did you know that it takes your body 20 minutes for our brain to actually register that you're actually full. If we're rushing our food, we're not even enjoying the amazingness of it's taste. Don't scarf down your food. Just don't.

    29. Celebrate small wins.

    ... that doesn't involve food. Don't trick your mind into going back to those old habits where food is associated with success. Treat yourself to a day at the spa, a day out with friends shopping, a new mani/pedi, new shoes/clothes. Anything kinda small that you particularly want in monetary value, splurge on it! You deserve it!

    30. Creating muscle is the secret to a revved up metabolism. 

    FACT: Your body really DOES burn more calories maintaining muscle than it does maintaining fat. FACT: This means that YES, the more muscle you build, the more calories your body will naturally burn each day on its own. FACT: Which means that building muscle DOES increase your metabolism.

    31. There is no such think as cheating.

    What you decide to put into your body is your choice. Whether it be bad, good, or ugly. It is your CHOICE. It is never mandatory or forced. So moping around the house, feeling guilty about that pizza you wanted  and ate yesterday, won't help you any. This isn't a short term deal. It's for LIFE. It's a healthy lifestyle. 
    Take that gut sinking feeling & instead of using it to "feel bad," use it to empower yourself to make a better choice next time you're faced with that tempation.

    32. Put yourself first.
    This is an easy one for me (right now at least). I have no kids. Only furbabies. And my husband is the most selfless person in the world. So if I REALLY want to do something, it will get done. But I'm not oblivious to the world. I know not everyone has that freedom. So I want you to take at least 10 minutes for yourself everyday. Even if it's literally sitting in the closet for quiet time. I don't know what you  moms need, but I'm sure it looks something like that!
    If you neglect yourself, you'll only be creating more problems that you'll be solving!

    33. Eat mindfully
    Before you put your hand in the cookie jar or before you get up to go "look" in the fridge, ask yourself "Am I really hungry?" Or are you bored. Are you looking for something to fill the empty space. Don't just eat to eat. Eat when you are hungry!

    34. Never go more than 2 days in a row without exercise.

    I mean that SHOULD come as no surprise. But working out doesn't come as naturally as liked to most people. Like previously noted, schedule your workouts for the week. Make them a top priority. If you miss one, okay, move on. But do NOT miss more than two days. You're only setting yourself up to be "okay" with skipping that many or more the next week since you did it last week. And then goes all the hard work you put into making this a habit. 

    35. Swap a bad decision with a good.

    So you made a bad decision. So you ate the piece of cake. So you stopped at Starbucks and got a VENTI frappachino with the whip cream on top. So you went eat out with your family and didn't make the "healthiest" of choice. SO WHAT. You won't die tomorrow. 
    BUT tomorrow, you need to take that bad decision you enjoyed, and swap it for a good one.  Walk an extra mile tomorrow. Play outside with your kids a little while longer. Eat the healthy snack VS the kids processed snacks. 
    1 for 1. It's not that hard! You can do it!

    36. Stop eating when you are satisfied, not stuffed.

    This goes with number 28. Again, it takes a minimum of 20 minutes for your brain to even recognize that you're actually full. Eat slowly. Eat everything on your plate. Go wash dishes. Do some clothes. And if you're still hungry, have a light snack. Going back for seconds will only give you that "oh man I'm stuffed feeling."

    37. Make sure you set goals.

    This has got to be one of the most rookie mistakes I ever made. "Goals, smoals" is what I used to feel. I don't need to know where I'm going because I'll be there anyway. WRONG. I got turned around so many times because I had no idea where I really wanted to end up. 
    Set a goal. Set multiple goals leading up to one big goal. Stepping stones in the process. You'll get there faster than you realize. When you have something to actually see & strive for, you'll subconsciously do things to reach it. 

    38. Fidget

    This tip made me giggle. "Fidget". That's stupid. But after reading up about it, it can actually be helpful. You know that annoying person who is always tapping their foot or drumming quietly on their desk. Well guess what, they're burning more calories throughout the day than you are. So in a calories in=calories out game, they win. 
    So cheers to the drummers, leg swingers, and toe tappers! Let's all do it!
    Or we can just all get one of these! LOL

    39. Don't start & stop. Just keep going. 

    I know SO many people who are totally unhinged if they miss a day of their workouts. So instead of just skipping that day and keep going, they go  into this downward spiral and lose all control. Then 2 weeks later, they're "starting over." Don't let that happen. If you miss a day, it's okay! If you mess up, keep going! Progress is progress. And if some of your progress is that you don't miss a day, then have at it!

    40. Make an irritation list.

    Off the top of your head, what is one thing that is annoying your right now? You can probably list about 10 without even trying. Typically we have multiple things that irritate us, but are fixable. We just never sit down and pin point those items, which  makes fixing them near impossible. Try writing them down & focus on getting rid of one of these per week. It'll feel like the weight of the world is off of your shoulders.

    41. Buy a journal.

    Do you ever feel like you have SO much to say, but no one would understand but yourself. Or people would think you were absolutely nuts if you said what you wanted to, but you felt like you NEEDED to get it out. DING DING. Everyone secretly feels like that! 
    Buy a journal. Write it all out. Get everything you can off of your chest. Connect with yourself in a deeper way than just in your thoughts. Thinking and putting into words will change the way you see the situation. 

    42. If you have a desk job, consider a standing work station.

    ... or if that's WAY out of the budget for your desk like most normal people, just get up and stand while you're taking a phone call. Point of the matter is to just GET UP. Don't be stuck sitting at your desk all day. It's not good for you. We're not made to be sitting all day! We're made to be standing, enjoying life. Don't stay sitting!

    43. Set rules that work for you.

    Many people who have already lost weight, keep it off by following their own set of "rules" that they've created and live by. 
    - Don't go out to eat more than 1 time per week.
    - Don't miss a workout & go out to eat on the same day
    - Don't miss Wednesday's spin class.
    - Do not bring junk food in the house.

    Essentially, it's your life. You can live and play by your own rules! So make them work for you!

    44. make a list of bad habits you are willing to give up.

    Can you give up the soft drinks? Can you give up the parties on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday? Can you give up an hour of TV and replace it with something better for your health? What is a bad habit that you KNOW can go? Write them down. Focus on getting rid of one of them per month! Don't just go cold-turkey on them all. The rebound will be even worse than the habits themselves!

    45. Drink more water.

    Your body is mostly made up of water. And you think that you can live life by drinking everything under the sun BUT water. Well, I'm here to tell you, you're totally wrong. Water is what you need. Get a Bubba Keg and fill that sucker up. Carry it with you at all times. It's insulated so it'll stay cold longer. Chug up. Ditch the sugary drinks.

    46. Change your limits & surprise yourself.

    Is there one thing you said "Oh, I could NEVER do that. Nope. There's no way."
    Well, I double-dog dare you to go for it. Cause I guarantee you, you CAN and you will. And you will surprise the heck outta yourself if you just TRY!  You'll never get there by saying you can't.

    47. Don't chase perfect; chase perfectly healthy.

    Perfection will never come. That toned stomach you dream of, it'll never be enough. no matter how toned it actually is. We're physiologically altered to pick apart  each and every aspect of our body and never be happy with where we are.
    BUT we are created to be perfectly healthy. Strive daily for healthy. NOT perfection!

    48. It take a 3,500 calorie deficit to lose 1 pound.

    Did you know that? In order to lose just ONE pound, you have to be in a 3,500 calories deficit. So that one cheat meal, COULD mess up your weight loss. Calories in=calories out. But if you have too many calories in deficit, you could reach your plateau SUPER quickly. It's ultimately not about how MUCH you lose. But it's about the healthy way to lose it and keep it off. FOREVER. Quick fixes, do not work.

    49. Ramp up the intensity of your workouts.

    HIIT & Tabata style workouts are going to be your lifesaver when it comes to FAT burned during cardio. Running at the same pace for 5 miles and then sprinting/walking at totally different speeds for 5 miles will burn a totally different amount of calories. Try out a tabata workout. I bet you can't go as long as you would be able to if you just cruised through the tredmill.


    50. Read other success stories for motivation.

    So you're going to tell me that this isn't motivational to you. Exactly. No explanation needed here! Strong woman help each other rise to the top! Be someone's motivation!

    ...the rest is yet to come ;)

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