Wednesday, September 9, 2015

14 habits of people who always stay fit

Let's face it. Starting a workout program is typically the easiest part. Right after quitting, which happens more times than not unfortunately. The "during" process is the hardest. Getting up when you don't want to. Huffing and puffing for breath when you think you're dying, but you keep pushing forward. Squatting to pee and cringing because the only thing you DON'T want to do is squat ever again. I've been there, done that. 
So when I was reading an article that Cosmopolitan magazine put out, I immediately started to relate. Although I have a few spins and add on's to put into it, this is the round about way that WE keep pushing through to stay fit, day-in and day-out.

1. Exercise even if you're short on time. 
-- Seriously. Let's get real people. 30 minutes is less than 4% of your day. I know you're busy. I know you have A LOT going on. I have it too. I am a full time & part time employee who still makes it a TOP priority to push play for a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Your life is worth it. Don't make that excuse.
2. Plan to workout in the A.M.
-- There is nothing more drowning than sitting in your workout clothes all day waiting for 4:00 to come to only go workout. Counting the minutes till "it's that time." Scheduling your workouts first thing in the morning means that there is NO waiting. It's over and done before you know it & you will feel SO much better afterwards.
3. Invest in yourself & your body.
-- In order for you to improve yourself, you have to have the proper equipment or else injury can occur. Some things you should look into would be a fitness tracker (fitbit, polar watch, Nike +, etc.), proper shoes based on what type of workout regimen you are starting, and proper clothing based on your exercise regimen also.
4. Follow a set program.
--Mixing and matching workouts from Pinterest may not be the most effective way to workout. When you take "creating" a workout program into your own hands, you're risking your results. You will only cause your body confusion and muscle overuse because you are probably focusing on a few "spots" you want to work on. Not going to happen!
5. Instead of skipping a workout, focus on how GREAT you will feel AFTER.
-- Working out isn't always fun while you're doing it. Believe me, I've been there too many times. It's usually never fun (unless you're doing CIZE ;) ) But once you push past the ouch part of working out and start focusing on how amazing you'll feel after, it makes your workouts a whole lot more pleasurable. 
6. Don't wait for a specific occasion to "start getting in shape."
-- We've all been there. "My school reunion is in 6 weeks. I guess I should start dieting now." WRONG. Once you start this obsession, it only becomes second nature and it's a bad & dangerous path to follow. If you wait a few days or weeks till your event, you'll create bad habits of yo-yo dieting and workouts. You'll also create SUPER unreasonable goals/expectations for yourself which may only be cause for disappointment & quitting/giving up on your goals.
7. Eat R.E.A.L. food. 
Let's face it. Eating "clean" for a week isn't going to give you the perfect body you're looking for.  You have to do this for REAL. Eat whole foods. Drink your Shakeology. Don't crash diet. Do NOT totally, 100% "give up" on any particular foods, such as carbs, candy, sodas, etc). Do NOT give up on your "diet" because you had a slip up. Always keep moving forward.
8. Keep weekend binge drinking to a minimum.
--Did you know that studies actually show that a night of drinking can make women sleepy in the days to follow.  They are also COMPLETELY unnecessary calories. So unless you have a LEGIT social function to attend and want to drink with some friends/family, just don't "drink to drink." That's how you pack on the unnecessary pounds!
9. Workout at home VS attempting to go to the gym
-- I'm all for working out at home. I don't have to fight anyone for a machine. I don't have to get dressed and prepare for anyone to see me. I don't have to drive 45 minutes while I'm contemplating if I even want to workout or not, and then waist 30 minutes trying to get a workout in, only to drive back home for 45 minutes and workout again because I felt robbed. And the cycle goes on. Just stay home and push play. It's THAT easy. :)
10. Buy a foam roller.
-- I don' actually have one of these yet. I am going to SOON invest in one though! They are known to take the aches and pains out!
11. Exercise through the sore muscles.
-- Sore muscles can be a pain in the you know what. Especially when you're sore from leg day! Ha! However, sitting on your tush, won't make those sore muscles go away contrary to what some people seem to believe. An active recovery, such as yoga and Pilates, are a good use of workouts when you're too sore to move. These type of workouts, strength, lengthen, and stretch out your muscles to release them and help alleviate the pain!
12.  Focus on how you WANT to feel rather than how you want to look.
-- Weight loss isn't always about what the scale says or what your "seeing" in the mirror. We are programmed, especially as women, to always want more. To always want to be skinner, or have more muscles. There is never an ending point. Be excited and happy with how you feel each and every day. Celebrate the non-scale victories. Since you've lost 15 pounds, do you feel more energized? Can you run 500 more yards? Can you do more push-ups? How is your confidence? Are you an all around happier person?
13. You're not trying to run across the world, you're just trying to be better than you were yesterday.
-- If you don't feel like doing your workout, do it anyway! That's when you NEED it the most! And chances are, you'll make it longer into your workout than you even expected. 
14. Get sleep!
-- Your body needs sleep to function. Your body is like a battery. Once you've gotten a good night's sleep, you're 100% charged. The further into the day, the less charge you have & the less you can put into your workout. Hence why #2 is also important ;)

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