Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme

Day 8 of 21 Day Fix Extreme
Piyo Fix Extreme 

Feeling like a total badass today! Went up to 12's for my heavy's and 7's for my lights. Next week my lights will definitely be higher since I barely used them! 

I ate awful this weekend. Tried to stay in line with my meal plan, but that failed after I was stuck at a banquet Saturday night and didn't get to eat till 8:45😑

But it's a new week. Another chance to improve and kick some grass! 👊🏽

Day 9 of 21 Day Fix Extreme
Upper Fix Extreme 

I'm just going to say it again. I HATE ARMS. they hurt and I suck at them. But on a positive note, I actually see some definition popping out in my biceps & triceps😳

I don't know how people can say they hate leg day and love arms. That's just pure craziness!
teaching INSANITY class tonight so I guess we'll see how well my arms hold up during the strength section 😩

 Day 10 of 21 Day Fix Extreme

Pilates Fix Extreme

If everything in life were handed to us on a silver platter, nothing would be worth it. Nothing would have the value that it does when you WORK for it.
If you're someone that's given up on yourself, your health, your fitness journey, it's time to RE-START! Don't let one speed bump derail you from your dreams. Cause ultimately, your life depends on it! ❤️

 Day 11 of 21 Day Fix Extreme

Lower Fix Extreme

Today was ROUGH. Not only because I upped my weighs to 15's instead of the 7's I started off with, but because I'm running on empty fumes. 4 hours of sleep doesn't cut it for tie girl!! But 15's are where it's at!! Definitely staying with that size. I used them for all moved and didn't have to drop to my lower. It was tough, but it's always worth it! 💪🏽

Day 12 of 21 day Fix Extreme
Cardio Fix Extreme

Today was HARD. Not just physically but also mentally. I wanted to just sleep through my pre-workout even though I felt it kick in and my body was saying lets go. My mind wasn't there. I'm super excited it's Friday and tomorrow is sleep in day. this week has kick my tush.

BUT I haven't skipped a workout, i haven't made 1 excused why I SHOULDN'T push play. I have eaten off kilter but you pick and chose the battles at some point. no one is perfect. when things aren't going your way, take a second to evaluate your options & pick the one that will make your heart the HAPPIEST! ❤️

Day 13 of 21 Day Fix Extreme
Dirty 30 Extreme 

this is one of the hardest workouts in my opinion. my shoulders hate me after round 1. My legs hate me around round 3. and then by the time the bonus round comes along, my e tire body hates me.

but in 21 days, my body will THANK me💪🏽


Day 14 of 21 Day Fix Extreme
Power Strength Extreme

This bonus workout is NO STINKIN JOKE! you don't need any equipment other than yourself. And let me tell you, you're still going to WERK💪

I'm so happy I got these extra workouts cause they are kick butt workouts! This whole 21 days are kicking my butt each and every day!
Failure yields progress 💪

work till you can't work any more.



and lastly here are my 2 week progress shots! i can't wait to see what the full 21 days will bring!


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